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Courses & Events

Villa Habibi is suitable for hosting a range of events and courses for personal, professional, and spiritual development. The owners are the founders of Transformations Institute, based in Dubai, and have an extensive network of international associates who are experts in their fields. The property and facilities have the potential to be used for many purposes: for those who wish to host gatherings of family and friends, or arrange retreats, residential trainings, or other events, in a wonderfully peaceful natural environment that’s only a short drive to all the facilities of the iconic resort and port of Essaouira, known for its cultural and music festivals. This is an area which is very popular for its character and ambience, world-class water sports, walking, cycling and horse and camel trekking, and shopping for the many traditional handcrafts and artwork sold in the Medina, and by the many street vendors and small souks all around the town and local markets. There are several organic farms in the locality, including a permaculture farm which runs educational events and workshops as well as providing organic Sunday afternoon lunches al fresco. There is a vineyard not far from the farm which offers a variety of wines, including organic options.

Just let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to assist.

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